Focusing on Innovation, Tianyi Manufacturing -------Tianyi Technology Equipment Heat Insulation Materials Exhibition

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With the continuous emergence of high-tech industrial equipment made in China, the demand for temperature-resistant and thermal insulation materials for various types of industrial heating equipment is strong and urgent, and the requirements for the temperature resistance level and thermal insulation effect of materials are continuously improved. Chinese companies focus on R&D, innovation and market promotion. The pace is gratifying, a variety of new materials meet or exceed the quality of imported materials, and the cost performance is greatly optimized. The pattern of relying on imported high-priced materials is breaking.

In 2021, Tianyi Technology’s equipment insulation materials continue to innovate and reach a new height. It relies on PI core technology to launch a new series of equipment insulation materials, which are suitable for a variety of industrial heating equipment from 200℃ to 400℃. It is a tire vulcanizing machine, Injection molding machines, shoe mold forming machines, packaging printing machines, flat heat presses, molds, hot runners and other types of thermal rubber and plastic equipment bring amazing heat insulation and energy saving effects, and have received affirmation and praise from many customers for cooperation.

In 2021, Tianyi Technology will participate in three large-scale international exhibitions to show a variety of original products to customers at home and abroad. Welcome to visit and guide cooperation!

July 18-22, 2021

The 18th China International Rubber Technology Exhibition (Qingdao. Hongdao Exhibition Hall). Booth: A1 Hall 2A28

August 16-18, 2021

INTPAK Shanghai International Intelligent Packaging Industry Exhibition (Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Pudong). Booth: B299

September 15-17, 2021

The 21st China International Rubber Technology Exhibition (Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center). Booth: 4C123

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